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Liza, 2014-02-11

Thank You! Read more

Jon, 2014-02-09

This has been a really good site for me, it provides good profiles if a limited number of matched in my area. However I have found a very special person and hope to continue dating her for as long as I can. Therefore I no longer need to remain on the site. Thanks Read more


Hector, 2014-02-09

Thank you so much for my first ever online dating experience. Stressful for a beginner at the start of my sub, but I have enjoyed it very much, and has changed my perception about online dating Read more

Kay , 2014-02-05

I have met the kindest, most loving sensitive man via your site..I am the happiest I have ever been.. Thank you! Read more


Ruth , 2014-01-26

We were married last month! Read more

Gilbert, 2014-01-21

I was 'with you' for some two years and I am content with the way the site worked. Read more


Ann, 2014-01-21

Thank you. It works! Read more

Daria, 2014-01-19

And he is amazing thank you!!!!! Read more


Aristophanes, 2014-01-08

I met the woman of my dreams four months ago here on Encounters - Thank you so much! Read more

Rachel, 2014-01-04

I met some lovely men and am now happy in a relationship with one of them. Read more


David, 2013-12-29

I would have had no chance of meeting her but for Encounters so thank you very much. Read more

Nicky, 2013-12-26

Our paths would never have crossed had it not been for the site. My tip is to persevere, don't give up if the first few dates aren't what you are looking for and good luck for 2014. Read more


Martin, 2013-12-24

After lots of 'coffees' I have met someone really nice, so it was worth the effort! Read more

Clara, 2013-12-16

Thank you so much Encounters Dating for helping me to meet a wonderful man! Read more


Jennifer , 2013-12-15

Fallen in love; thank you for the introduction. Read more

Sarah, 2013-12-10

I have found who I am looking for. Thank you. Read more


Andy, 2013-11-26

I'm very happy with the woman I found right here on your dating site. Thank you! Read more

Andrea, 2013-11-13

First gentleman I contacted! Great site, very pleasant experience. Read more


Diane, 2013-11-07

Thank you Encounters! I found my match on the first day I joined. Read more

Caroline, 2013-11-04

I have met an amazing man. Thank you for introducing him to me. Read more


Jonathan, 2013-11-03

Signed up on 5th April. Met Emma on 25th May. By 20th June decided to look no further. Now happily living together. Thanks for the excellent service. Read more

Jane, 2013-11-03

What more is there to say? I found my match on your site - thank you! Read more


Mariam, 2013-10-23

I found the site simple to use and I was able to find a match quite quickly. My gratitude to the Encounters Team. Read more

Gillian, 2013-10-22

I met someone through Times Encounters 4 years ago. Read more


Liz, 2013-10-22

Totally in love! I have met Mr Right on this site and am very happy indeed. Read more

Andrea, 2013-10-19

Great site! Thank you. Read more


Sonya, 2013-10-17

It has been a very good site and good service. Thank you very much. Read more

Francesco, 2013-10-15

Great experience and site nicely laid out. Many thanks. Read more


Peter, 2013-10-13

Thank you Encounters for helping me to find my perfect lady. Read more

Ian, 2013-10-11

It's an excellent medium to find a new partner. Thank you. Read more


Kelly, 2013-10-06

I met someone through Entounters 14 weeks ago on my first date! Read more

Jilly, 2013-10-05

Just couldn't be happier. Many thanks for making our lives complete. Read more


Jenny, 2013-10-01

Getting married next May, so thank you for the introduction! Read more

Steve, 2013-09-18

We wouldn't have met had we not both decided to try dating online with Encounters - it certainly worked for us - so thank you very much indeed for providing the means! Read more


Catherine, 2013-09-11

I have met someone wonderful, thank you! Read more

Fiona, 2013-08-24

Early days but we're both very hopeful for the future. Read more


Ron, 2013-08-21

The best dating site out there. Read more

Julie, 2013-08-20

The best site by far and thank you! Read more


Grainne, 2013-08-19

I think your site is excellent and have recommended it to others. Many thanks. Read more

Marie, 2013-08-14

I have met the man of my dreams! Read more


Debbie, 2013-08-11

We're now married! Read more

Karen, 2013-07-28

Six months on I am enjoying life again with a new soulmate found through the site. Thank you! Read more


John, 2013-07-26

Probably one of the best dating sites out there. Read more

Steven, 2013-07-20

She is gorgeous. Read more


Caroline, 2013-07-18

I have met a wonderful man through Encounters. Read more

Amanda, 2013-07-14

Yes - this site is great, thank you! Read more


Iain, 2013-07-11

Thank you - I am very happy and delighted with your website. Read more

Jenny, 2013-07-03

Very happy as your site gave me my partner for life. Thank you. Read more


Pravin, 2013-07-01

It is a very good site. It helped me to find my soulmate and a loving partner. Read more

Wendie, 2013-06-29

I have met a wonderful man from your site and hope that our relationship will stand the test of time and I won't be back. Read more


Anne, 2013-06-26

Thank you, it's been great. Read more

John, 2013-06-23

Thanks for your help. Read more


Roger, 2013-06-22

Thank you very much! Read more

Shalina, 2013-06-02

Yes! Great website! Read more


Anna, 2013-05-27

Absolutely wonderful result - after 4 years of internet dating I finally got lucky on 15 March 2013 and met my soul mate - and it was thanks to Encounters! Read more

Caroline, 2013-05-23

Thank you from two people who are looking forward to sharing the rest of our lives together. Read more


Joe, 2013-05-15

Yes. Found a lover on your beautiful love connections 4 years ago. Read more

Chris, 2013-05-10

I found my partner on this site and we have just moved in together. Read more


Carl, 2013-05-07

Very good website! Read more

Jo, 2013-05-05

Completely loved up with a gorgeous man who lives a mile away from me. Best thirty quid I have spent this year! Read more


Philip, 2013-04-26

It worked for me! Read more

Sue, 2013-04-22

I have met a wonderful man through this site and we are extremely happy having moved in together. Read more


Richard, 2013-04-21

I met a wonderful lady on Encounters and I'm happy to say we're getting married in September. Thank you to all at Encounters, it really works! Read more

Eunice, 2013-04-19

I have found my perfect match. Read more

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